MTG Arena — Standard Mono Black Discard Deck with Professor Onyx, Ugin and Tergrid’s Lantern — Poetic Dustbin

The mechanics of the deck is simply to empty your opponent’s hand, kill their creatures or wipe the board. Then drop in Tergrid’s Lantern, slowly chunking off your opponent’s life. Finish him off with Professor Onyx or with the Mighty Ugin! There… you’re hated now…


5 Creatures
3x — Solemn Simulacrum
2x — Tergrid, God of Fright / Tergrid’s Lantern

31 Non-Creatures
2x — Duress
4x — Agonizing Remorse
3x — Go Blank
3x — Mind Drain
4x — Eliminate
4x — Heartless Act
3x — Soul Shatter
3x — Extinction Event
3x — Professor Onyx
1x — Cosmos Elixir
1x — Ugin

24 Lands
2x — Castle Lochtwain
2x — Crawling Barrens
4x — Fabled Passage
16x — Snow-Covered Swamp

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