MTG Arena — Standard Dimir Control Deck with Xanathar and Siphon Insight

I am Dimir. This is a Dimir Control Deck so expect to piss off your opponent. It’s a long grind… the primary purpose of the deck is to tire out your opponent to make ’em quit by thwarting their efforts into building up a board or stabilizing their turns… Protect Xanathar and you’ll be in Disneyland! Hahahaha….

DECKLIST 3 Creatures

33 Non-Creatures

  • 4x — Fading Hope
  • 4x — Siphon Insight
  • 3x — Infernal Grasp
  • 3x — The Meathook Massacre
  • 3x — Divide by Zero
  • 4x — Go Blank
  • 3x — Negate
  • 2x — Test of Talents
  • 3x — Saw it Coming
  • 4x — Memory Deluge

24 Lands

  • 1x — Hive of the Eye Tyrant
  • 1x — Malakir Rebirth
  • 1x — Hall of Storm Giants
  • 2x — Jwari Disruption
  • 2x — Field of Ruins
  • 4x — Clearwater Pathway
  • 4x — Shipwreck Marsh
  • 4x -Swamp
  • 5x — Islands

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Myk Roveros

I'm a Web-UI Designer, Black and White Photographer, Dark Art Creator, MTG Arena Standard Player, Youtuber and Her Alter Ego by Heart, Mind and Soul