I Miss My Hawkgirl

I have been a big fan of DC Comics and the characters in its multiverse. I prefer DC over Marvel because I think in some ways, DC comics are more mature and dark compared with Marvel or maybe it’s just me, being a follower of The Batman and The Joker.

Well, aside from them, I also like Hawk Girl or Shayera Hol, I feel that she represents the stronger side of femininity and she’s a total badass in my opinion.

In terms of character knowledge, I’m not really a comic fanatic when it comes to stories. In my younger years, I can’t afford to buy comics. The closest I got to reading them was to borrow from classmates.

About the article, well, I always see her as The Hawkgirl of the family… strong, smart and beautiful… But, it’s been really a while since my wife and I talked. She works in Singapore while I’m here in the Philippines, working and taking care of our kids. It was a small petty issue that blew out of proportion to the point that we engaged into silence and apparently not conversing at all. I’m currently in mourning with the passing of my parents. Maybe it’s lame but I just wish she understood that I’m on an unstable emotional plane that moment… well up until now… I guess… I still dream of them… I still have small breakdowns and other emotional shits that I thought I wouldn’t be experiencing.

I miss my wife and all I want is that we can be together again, I need her now more than ever… I hate putting up a mask everyday like a superhero… I’m tired too… I love my Hawk Girl so much and I wouldn’t want anyone by my side when I grow old…

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Myk Roveros

Myk Roveros

I'm a Web-UI Designer, Black and White Photographer, Dark Art Creator, MTG Arena Standard Player, Youtuber and Her Alter Ego by Heart, Mind and Soul