I am Poetic Dustbin — The Site


When you’re sick and tired of reading news and pandemic stuff around the globe…Feed your hunger, your thirst and dark needs: Visit my site for some monstrous, disgusting artworks

Watch my MTG Arena Gameplays and get deck ideas to piss off your opponent

Read my movie reviews on some of the cool and uncool movies I watch

Feast your eyes with my Black and White Mobile Photography and learn more on how to get into the world of Grunge Photography!

Be a Poet. A dark one. Read my dark poems and essay, fill your mind with love, hatred, angst, pain and disgust!

Observe the Absurd!

I am Poetic Dustbin! I am not you!



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Myk Roveros

Myk Roveros

I'm a Web-UI Designer, Black and White Photographer, Dark Art Creator, MTG Arena Standard Player, Youtuber and Her Alter Ego by Heart, Mind and Soul