As you know, madness is like gravity…all it takes is a little push. — The Joker

Madness is a sickness and a blessing in between… With it, I can create a whole world inside my head… I can contain all the monsters… pain… anxiety… anger and depression in one room… i can draw and sketch faces out of these emotional distress I am feeling…

Today, I turn 48, I can’t say those years where a shit load of ugliness. No. I’ve seen the best days in the past but I also fucked it up. I fucked it up really bad! I became Dr. Frankenstein and created all sorts of monsters for my deeds… And now these monsters are destroying me from the inside…

Maybe I’m just tired. Being a prisoner of my own world for so many years, i’m imagining that freedom is more of a curse than liberation. It’s inside this dwelling that i design and develop my dark artworks; pieces of my wretched being that I’d rather ink than let it lose outside my zone.

People say I’m demonically possessed but I always yell back at them with a smile and say: “It’s not possession, It’s union…” I feel in harmony with my demons… They keep me calm and they never judge me… With them, I feel a certain ambiance of serenity… I’d rather have them in my head than outside wreaking havoc again and hurting the ones I love…

full story here…



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Myk Roveros

Myk Roveros

I'm a Web-UI Designer, Black and White Photographer, Dark Art Creator, MTG Arena Standard Player, Youtuber and Her Alter Ego by Heart, Mind and Soul