A Short Dark Comics entitled : ENVY — Poetic Dustbin

I’ve always wanted to create short comic strips … and ofcourse my ideas are mostly on the dark side…

This short depicts the extreme result of indulging into your envious side… where you are willing to eliminate competitions literally just to satisfy your ego.

Envy just like any other sin… is always a dangerous toy to play with…

I feel that some humans are never satisfied with what they have or who they are that they tend to compare themselves to other people who they think are better than them.

Success is not a measurement of one’s happiness… nor being better than anyone else…

Envy is a killer.

View on Instagram https://instagr.am/p/CRBz_PlHpFC/

Originally published at https://poeticdustbin.com.



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Myk Roveros

Myk Roveros

I'm a Web-UI Designer, Black and White Photographer, Dark Art Creator, MTG Arena Standard Player, Youtuber and Her Alter Ego by Heart, Mind and Soul